Gotham Gossipist: The One Where Everyone Hates David Schwimmer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — David Schwimmer incurred the wrath of the East Village earlier this year when he demolished a 19th century brownstone up for Historical Landmark status to build a 6-story mansion on East Sixth Street.

Well, you know what they say about Karma.

According, it sure hasn’t take much time to come around and bite Schwimmer in the…building.

A man was struck and injured by falling debris from his building site on Tuesday.  Apparently the scaffolding surrounding the structure couldn’t effectively contain the rubble.  The man was taken to  Bellevue Hospital with an arm injury.

Who wants to start a lawsuit countdown?

It looks like the former ‘Friends’ star hasn’t made any headway in befriending his neighbors.

A 62-year-old woman who has lived on the block for 37 years told DNAinfo, “Mr. Bigshot made a mistake tearing down this building,” she said. “He paid a pretty penny and built some shiny silver thing. He’s like a wart on the block. He doesn’t belong here.”

Good luck with that housewarming party, Dave.


One Comment

  1. No biggie says:

    He could still endear himself to the neighborhood by restoring the facade to a period-correct style.

    1. ugh... says:

      …another politically correct yuppie surfaces with another
      “i can fix everything in one sentence” solution.

  2. not11/2w/u says:

    right on frostiewinter. as much as i don’t want to admit it, schwimmer and I share a birthday but obviously he is an underdeveloped scorpio. shame on you swchimmer go back to cali or wherever you came from. evolved nyc scorpios rever their historical landmarks dufus.

  3. frostiewinter says:

    He’s an out-of-towner that came to destroy the neighborhood.
    What next, some other rich inconsiderate will come along and
    tear down the next building – what will be left ?
    He should have just gutted the building and made the inside how he wanted,
    the building would blend in and all would be almost well.

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