City’s Pay Phones To Be Replaced By New Futuristic Model

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — New Yorkers will be seeing new pay phones in the near future. There are 250 phones in a pilot program that the city plans to install in all five boros, according to the Department Of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

The new phones will look like iPads with 32-inch screens, and they could one day every one of the city’s 12,800 outdoor pay phones.

The touch screen phones will display neighborhood information, restaurant and store locations, traffic updates, and safety alerts.

The new phones will eventually allow users to surf the web and check email, in a limited capacity in order to prevent trolling or personal use as a mobile office.

1010 WINS Reporter Sonia Rincon spoke with the city…

Nicholas Sbordone, a spokesman for the city’s department of Information Technology & Telecommunications told 1010 WINS that “The goal is to pilot it and see what the response is.”

City24x7, the organization that will install and maintain the flat screens says that the new phones will be more sanitary than an ATM.

The city will eventually claim a 36-percent cut of ad revenue from the phones, once the trial period is over.

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One Comment

  1. Aira says:

    PLEASE BRING BACK THE PUBLIC PHONE!! Cell phone batteries run out, signals get lost, and try asking someone if you could use their phone to make a quick call home-not happening. Some things are better left alone. Technology cannot replace everything. This phone will cause vandalism, more tax dollars for defacement, and arguments over time spent and the usage of said device. Sad use of money.

  2. None Of Your Business says:

    Who owns these phones? Verizon or the City of New York? With either of the aforementioned owning them, you can bet they won’t work. Turn the phones over toTimeWarner. I’ve never had better phone and internet service since I dropped Verizon (finally, after 33 years of non-stop problems) for TimeWarner. Difference between night and day. And, of course, if you use those new phones to surf the web, check e-mail, etc., you can bet the hackers will grab all of your personal information and the next thing you know, you’ll be getting mortgage bills for choice property you supposedly purchased in the Bahamas.

  3. Traveler says:

    Follow the money. Why would a city that is broke and in debt, taxing everything that is possible to name, spending so much money on something that will be destroyed within 30 days? Follow the money

  4. maggie says:

    Fantastic it gives the normal person w/out a cell phone to make a call or check emails without compromising their lives because of lack of money thanks bloomberg

  5. steve says:

    I bet will be the home page.

  6. I'm sorry ... WHAT? says:

    I don’t know what’s stupider, waiting till everyone’s cell phone has a web browser and GPS to implement public web browsers, or the fact that the article calls these web browser devices “phones.”

  7. GetReal says:

    how fast until these ridiculous phones are defaced?

  8. Strobel says:

    Everyone has cell phones!!!

    1. maggie says:

      not really we need public phones the battery of a cell phone is not forever meanwhile a public phone is there

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