After winning their first four games and captivating the imaginations of detractors and fans alike, Mets manager Terry Collins opted to roll out an inferior lineup Tuesday night against the Nationals – apparently feeling his oats after his team’s impressive start.

The result was the Mets being dealt their first loss of the season by a score of 6-2.  Craig opened up today’s solo edition of the ‘Morning Extravaganza’ (Boomer was out while dealing with a death in the family) expressing his disdain with the Mets’ decision to rest their players (not including David Wright, who missed the game with a fractured knuckle in his right pinkie).

Without Boomer around to reel his radio partner – and BFF – in, Craig was able to make all of his complaints audible – and boy did he ever.  He said the Mets sold themselves down the river by choosing to put a depleted lineup on the field and went on to talk about how the Mets are unable to handle prosperity.

So we had that, the Yankees prospering in Baltimore and Craig explains why last night’s Knicks loss to the Bulls is a mere setback, pointing to tonight’s game in Milwaukee against the Bucks as the ‘big one’…

LISTEN: Mets Can’t Handle, Therefore Do Not Deserve, Success (04/11)

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