What would a Wednesday edition of the Morning Extravaganza be without inviting a lovely gal into the Allstate Studio to play the wildly popular popular trivia game called ‘Do You Know More Sports Than…?’

Incomplete, that’s what.

Al Dukes doesn’t do incomplete, so he booked Kylie (pictured along w/ B&C) to come in and play the game. She came prepared, answering eight out of her 10 questions correctly.

Kylie’s competition was in studio along with her, as he is an intern here at WFAN by the name of Adam (pictured below) but unfortunately for him, his success rate was far less than Kylie’s – but he did score some Yankees tickets for his efforts.

All in all I think fun was had by all, which is really the point of the game in the first place…

kylieadmaw bc B&C Morning Show: Do You Know More Sports Than Kylie?

(Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes Photography)

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