Despite a Rangers win, Boomer still found a few things to complain about this morning.

One such thing is actually a person, and goes by the name of Tom Green, who has appeared on the big screen at the Garden during Rangers games to pump up Blueshirts fans.

Green is an old friend of the show and a legit hockey fan, but Boomer’s issue stems from the fact that he is also a Senators fan.  Understandably Boomer sees this as a conflict of interest and called for it to stop immediately.  We’ll have to see what kind of weight the Blonde Bomber’s warning holds.

Moving right along, with Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals coming to town, Craig deduced that ‘Putin’ will be running rampant in the big city.  Speaking of NYC, Craig talked about the security in Time Square following the Rangers’ victory and mentioned a fella he’s saw holding a sign that read, ‘I’m Need Money For Weed, Why Lie?’

Craig admired him for his honesty, unlike Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum, who Craig said is known for two things these days: his ‘process’ and lying.

Ending things on a positive note, after last night’s Knicks season finale victory over the Bobcats, Mike ‘Tone Loc’ Woodson began his media address by paying homage to the Rangers after their Game 7 victory by simply saying – ‘how bout them Rangers?’

It was music to Boomer and Craig’s ears…

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tomgreenw bc B&C Morning Show: Boomer Calls Out Tom Green, Draws A Response; Woodsons Message To Rangers

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After getting wind of Boomer’s slight earlier in the show, Tom Green himself picked up the phone and called in to try and defend his fandom for both the Rangers and the Senators, but Boomer and Craig weren’t having it…

LISTEN: Tom Green Responds To Boomer (04/27)

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