Women’s tennis legend Serena Williams stopped by the Allstate Studio Friday morning for the first time and her visit with Boomer & Craig went pretty well, considering she is openly rooting for the Miami Heat against the Knicks (boo!!!).

Setting that aside, Boomer & Craig asked Serena about a whole host of things, including her current health and what she expects to accomplish this upcoming year on the tennis court.  Craig was sure to offer a few awkward moments, asking about Serena’s sister Venus’ scantily clad outfits, trying to impress her with his vast collection of trophies documenting his childhood athletic feats – one of which Boomer ‘accidentally’ broke (photographic evidence below) and laying out what a date might go like if he were to take their ‘relationship’ to the next level.

Serena told the guys about some of her most important wins, he relationship with her aforementioned sister Venus, showed no interest in playing tennis with Craig, declined an invitation to attend Game 3 of the Heat-Knicks Series with Craig – but was more than willing to go with the Booms (I’m starting to see a pattern) and of course what she is benchin’…

craig broken trophy B&C Morning Show: Serena Williams Pays Boomer And Craig A Visit

(Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes Photography)

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