Craig entered the Allstate Studio this morning as a very excited Mets fan, and why wouldn’t he? The Mets got their second straight shutout, blanking the Orioles 5-0, thanks to a strong performance by their ‘other ace,’ Johan Santana. This on the heels of their ‘ace’ R.A. Dickey just doing what R.A. Dickey does (he has six wins with a ridiculous 0.18 ERA over his last six starts).

Craig said that he has learned something about the Mets over the last two games and then declared that everyone need to come to grips with the reality that is, with Dickey & Santana anchoring their pitching staff, the Mets have enough to  make a legit run to the playoffs.

Boomer listened to Craigie’s declaration, before pointing out his radio partner’s tendency to flip-flop when it comes to the Mets and the Yankees.

Craig made it clear he was all about the Mets today and told his brethren that they have not one, but two ‘bona-fide Aces’ and for that they should bow out their chests a bit and do some celebrating.

Boomer on the other hand is certainly excited about the Mets. The Blonde Bomber loves that the entire roster comes to the ballpark prepared to play everyday, but he isn’t making plans for the playoffs just yet.

With the Heat taking a commanding 3-1 lead over the Thunder, it certainly appears that the NBA Finals are nearing conclusion and Craig believes the officiating has played a very big role in the series thus far. Boomer & Craig both gave the Heat the credit they deserve for fighting back, but couldn’t ignore that the majority of questionable calls have seemed to favor LeBron and the gang.

All of that and the Yankees have their 10 game wining streak halted by the Braves…

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