After being accused by Boomer of going overboard with his spray-tanning, Craig claims to have kicked the habit and not done it in some time.

Obviously feeling a little uncomfortable with the subject at hand, Craig resorts to calling out Al Dukes for spending the weekend in his bachelor pad in ‘the Ridge’ except to make a trip to Target for some KY jelly. From there Al admitted to once spending an entire weekend trying on condoms… just in case.

All of that set the stage for a call from Kelly in Nutley, who told the guys she had been on the couch all morning watching the Morning Extravaganza on her 100″ flat screen TV. After scolding Kelly for neglecting her morning chores, Craig told her that he believes she possesses male DNA — and he likes it…

LISTEN: Spray-Tanning & KY Leads Up To Kelly In Nutley (06/20)

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