As is usually the case, today just before Jerry Recco could deliver his highly anticipated ‘Moment of the Day’, hilarity ensued in the Allstate Studio. LeBron James was suffering from leg cramps as last night’s Game 4 of the NBA Finals was winding down, which forced him to watch the finals minute from the sideline. Craig found this to be unacceptable (c’mon LeBron!!!) and just to drive home his point, he morphed into broadcasting legend Marv Albert and offered a few remedies for King James.

That bit fit well with Jerry’s selection for MOTD because during it we heard Craig doing his best Suzyn Waldman impression, defending Roger Clemens’ innocence…

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Below you can listen to and download all of the memorable audio from today’s (06/20) edition of the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza in one nice little package for your convenience…Until tomorrow morning, stay classy New York!!!

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