An interesting poll regarding which athlete woman would risk their marriage to be intimate with sparked quite a discussion this morning.  Soccer super sexy stud David Beckham (pictured declaring his dominance) edged-out Jets’ god fearing ‘back-up’ QB Tim Tebow for the number one spot and Craig has no problem with that.

Jerry wondered why woman would vote Tebow so high, based on his admitted lack of experience between the sheets and the likes of Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez & Tom Brady also on the list – puzzling indeed Jerry Recco.

Anyway, speaking of limited sexual expertise, we learned a little something about Al Dukes and how he prepares for a special night with a lady friend that he believes he might have a chance to smash-out.  At least how he used to prepare, the routine has changed a bit now that he is well into his 40’s.

All of that and Ike Davis is too damn tired to be playing baseball…

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