NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Commuter outrage has led the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to take a second look at tens of millions of dollars worth of service cuts that left riders uncomfortable and impatient.

It was known as the “doomsday scenario” back in 2010. Deep cuts were made to New York City’s commuter system that included the elimination of more than 30 bus routes and 500 bus stops as well as two subway lines, the V and W, to help close a $900 million MTA budget gap.

Commuters buckled down and dealt with the service cuts, but many have spent the last two years suffering with the consequences of fewer lines across the five boroughs and subways and buses that are regularly too crowded to board as fares have steadily gone up.

But now, there is some hint of light at the end of the tunnel.

MTA board members said they are evaluating which of the services could be revived. Some board members are urging the MTA to establish a $20 million fund specifically for adding services as the agency sees fit.

What the MTA hasn’t said is how much restoring some services could cost, admitting at a public meeting Wednesday that the budget is still unstable and that more fare increases are on the horizon.

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