NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Tri-State area is finally getting a break from the heat and humidity after heavy rain and strong winds tore through the region over the weekend.

It’s been nearly 48 hours since the powerful storm hit parts of New Jersey Saturday leaving downed trees and toppled power lines in its wake.

The storm helped break the triple digit heat wave, but left as many as 60,000 people without electricity. Since then, crews have been working around the clock to restore power and clear debris from the streets.

In Freehold, residents are still shaken by Saturday’s severe weather.

“I’ve never ever seen anything like it,” said Janice Caldwell.

Thousands lost power and many are still in the dark.

Jackie Crudup wasn’t home when a huge tree came crashing down in her front yard, but her young children were.

“It didn’t hit the house, thank God for that,” she said.

But with wires draped across the front yard, Crudup is worried about letting her kids out of her sight.

Remarkably, they still have power but others like Carla Trimmer aren’t so fortunate.

“I woke up like 4:30,” said Trimmer. “The heat, you can’t sleep and there was still no power, so hopefully today.”

Power crews say they are hoping to get all electricity restored Monday, but it’s slow going and said they aren’t making any promises.

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