Miranda Lambert and her “Pistol Annies” shot an interesting music video for their hit “Takin’ Pills.”

The group performed “Takin’ Pills” during the CMT Music Awards last month, but what we have below is the brand-new official music video.

One of the main props used for the production is a “broke down van”–namely, a beige, beat-up VW van from the 1970s that looks like it belongs in a museum. Judging by the age and condition of the vehicle, it’s surprising that it’s running at all. However, the van is clearly being used as a metaphor for the feeling of being on the road and the ‘anything goes’ attitude portrayed in the video.

Meanwhile, each of the Annies looks nothing short of spectacular. Even though the surroundings are gritty, their makeup and hair are flawless. It’s a good bet that nobody cares about realism for the sake of attraction! It sure makes the traveling lifestyle look appealing.

Directed by Becky Fluke–who was behind the Annies’ “Hell on Heels” among many other country videos–the “Takin’ Pills” video mixes footage shot in a garage and clips taken on the road showing the girls stopping at various diners. The lyrics are informing, and they go right along with the visual cues. One of the cutest parts of the video is the cameo by Miranda Lambert’s puppies–and it’s not just gratuitous, it supplements the story nicely.

– Michael Trobisch / K-FROG 95.1

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