New York (CBS New York) The Long Island based animal rescue organization Pets4Luv Foundation is being evicted from their location at the Westfield Sunrise Mall and is in urgent need of adopters and foster homes.

1010 WINS Susan Richard reports: 

Pets4Luv tells 1010 WINS they opened their doors back in January after a pet store moved out and the mall said they were hoping to start a new trend by leasing space to animal rescue organizations instead of for profit pet stores.  They were operating on a month-to-month lease, when Founder Dave Bernacchi says they signed a nine month temporary lease, at a discounted rate, which isn’t up until November.

storefront Pets4Luv Faces Eviction From Westfield Sunrise Mall   Seeks Temporary Housing For Dozens Of Cats And Dogs

(Photo Credit: Pets4Luv Foundation)

Bernacchi says they were recently informed that they might be moved from their current spot to a different location within the mall, because a plan was in the works to open several restaurants and a bowling alley.  He tells 1010 WINS that in June, “They gave us a key to the other store to look at it, take measurements and figure what construction we’d have to do.  Then out of nowhere the eviction notice came”.

While the shelter concedes that their lease allowed the mall to give them only one week’s notice, Bernacchi says they were verbally assured that a new space would be provided as well as enough time to safely move all of the animals.  On July 9th, he says they were suddenly served with a notice to be out by July 30th, and were told that no other location was available.

When asked for a response, the mall issued the following written statement to 1010 WINS:  “We were  pleased to provide Pets 4 Luv with a temporary home as agreed by all parties upon signing of the temporary lease.  This was never a long-term arrangement.  The time has come to move forward with planned improvements to the shopping center and the space is required for that work.  Unfortunately, there was not another space available in the center that could accommodate their special needs.   We wish Pets 4 Luv all the best in their new location.”

There is no new location.  The eviction means Pets4Luv is now searching for temporary housing for 50 cats and a type of small dog breed, and is seeking potential adopters and foster homes, if not a new location to lease.  The animals were being permanently housed at the mall pending adoption, in a cage-free specially designed shelter, which must now be dismantled.

montage1 Pets4Luv Faces Eviction From Westfield Sunrise Mall   Seeks Temporary Housing For Dozens Of Cats And Dogs

Adoptable Cats At Pets4Luv At Westfield Sunrise Mall (Photo Credits: Pets4Luv Foundation)

For more information on either adopting or fostering, contact Pets4Luv at 516-798-4040 or email  You can also visit the Pets4Luv location at the Westfield Sunrise Mall between now and July 30th during regular mall hours: Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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