After a forgettable weekend in the landscape of New York sports, yesterday was a reminder of the ‘magic’ of the Big Apple, as not only did the Yankees make a trade to acquire 10-time all-star outfielder Ichiro Suzuki, but Boomer’s beloved Rangers pulled the trigger on a deal that landed them coveted right-winger Rick Nash from the Columbus Blue Jackets.

(@AlsBoringTweets assures me that ‘Blue Jackets’ is not a made up name, but the actual nickname for the Columbus franchise – who knew?!)

So early on in today’s radio program the Dynamic Radio Duo had a bit of a power-struggle on their hands, as Boomer believed the Nash deal garnered the majority of the attention today, while Craig wanted to keep his focus squarely on the Bombers getting themselves Ichiro for the remainder of the season.

Luckily, today’s show open lasted long enough for both Boomer & Craig to share their takes on the respective deals that re-energized New York  and even managed to mention to the Mets, who once again lost to the Nationals in extra-innings – their 10th loss in their last 11 games…

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