Kelly Clarkson thinks she knows who should be the next American Idol judge, and it definitely isn’t her.

With all this talk of who should take the last spot at the judging table, The Original Idol is giving her two cents. Kelly told Us Weekly that Carrie Underwood might be the perfect fit.

“Didn’t she major in journalism or something?” Clarkson told the mag. “And she can have that face . . . that bluff face! She can put that on! She would be good.”

Underwood and her skillful poker face are definitely qualified for the job. The singer earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communication with an emphasis in journalism from Northeastern State University back in 2006, a year after she won American Idol.

Carrie, for her part, felt she may not be the best judge. In an interview this spring with Charlotte station WSOC, she explained, “Obviously I know what it’s like to be on the show and what happens after the show. but I don’t know if I can be critical. When the judges do say something negative, people boo them. I would cry!”

Then again, she didn’t entirely rule out the possibility. “I love that show,” she said, “and if they ever said, ‘Hey we need you to do anything’ I totally would.” 

Kelly, on the other hand, doesn’t quite think she’s got what it takes to be a critic.

“I don’t want to be a judge,” Kelly said. “Mentor is more my style. And not just mentoring, getting to be a part of the song with them, getting them amped up — from our rehearsals to stage, it’s so exciting being onstage. It’s fun!” 

Last week, Kelly finished up the first season of Duets, where she used her expertise to help partner Jason Farol finish in the top three. The singer also helped whip her friend Blake Shelton‘s team into shape on The Voice.

– Shannon Carlin, CBS Local

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