Boomer and Craig asked Al Dukes about the lovely Chelsea (pictured), wondering when she will be flexing her pipes at Citi Field and performing the National Anthem prior to a Mets game. Al offered little in the way of an answer, but it was nice to hear about Chelsea, for obvious reasons. Helloooo!!!!

From there the guys give a listen to an 11 year-old’s rendition of our Nation’s Anthem that left little to be desired. Boomer and Craig offered their brutally honest critique, which was warranted by the way. Then, as only they can, the Dynamic Radio Duo weaved in the interesting grumble which was heard emanating from the WCBS 880 Yankees radio booth over the weekend, presumable uttered by the one and only Suzyn Waldman.

And oh yeah, the Blonde Bomber can’t wait for the upcoming Spice Girls tour…

LISTEN: A National Anthem To Forget (07/30)

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