By Billie Rama,

NEW YORK ( – If you’ve been watching the Olympics, you’ve no doubt noticed that NBC has been tape-delaying major sporting events.

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Although NBC is live-streaming all sporting events online, that hasn’t done much to quell criticism from viewers who are unhappy with the delays.

Delays are about ratings for networks, but many argue that since most major sporting events are broadcast live, the Olympics shouldn’t be an exception.

Unhappy viewers have taken to Twitter to voice their discontent. #NBCFail was created, presumably, to bash the network and the practice of delaying major events. Some of the tweets are as follows:

Jason Davis@davisjsn: NBC pays billions of dollars to give us coverage about the Olympics instead of actually showing, you know, the Olympics. 

Hugo Schwyzer@hugoschwyzer: In a wired world, tape delay ruins the possibility of global solidarity at one of the few moments that promise it. 

Erich Dams ‏@erichdams: It’s pretty telling of NBC’s coverage that I long for the days of PPV Olympic coverage… terrible choices made all around #nbcfail

tradingpoints ‏@tradingpoints: RT @daytrend I refuse to DVR the Olympics on a tape delay.#NBCfail

Kim Peirce ‏@uberkim: Congrats to NBC for inciting 1000s more to read @guyadamsexcellent article on their Olympic coverage failure #NBCfail

Actress Mia Farrow even got into the action: mia farrow ‏@MiaFarrowRT @texasinafrica: Good lord. NBC nightly news is reporting that Lochte beat Phelps. AND THEY HAVEN’T SHOWN IT YET. #nbcfail

Tape delays are nothing new, but in the world of social media that we live in, it is near impossible to avoid spoilers, and live results. This is likely adding fuel to viewers’ fire.

According to an article in the New York Times, NBC’s Chief Digital Officer, Vivian Schiller, responded to the Twitter criticism with the following tweet:  “The medal for most Olympic whining goes to everyone complaining about what happens every 4 yrs., tape delay.”

Not all tweets regarding the tape delays were negative. In fact, some are downright funny. A parody account, NBC Delayed @NBCDelayedwas created on Twitter for “News and Sports brought to tape delayed for your viewing pleasure by NBC.”

The account already has more than 17,000 followers. Here are some of the tweets:

nbc delayed tweets NBCs Tape Delay Of Olympic Events Draws Ire, Prompts Twitter Parody Account

NBC Delayed Tweets (credit: Twitter)

Have you been watching the Olympics? If so, are you frustrated by tape delays, or enjoying the games regardless? Let us know below.

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