Before turning it over to Jerry Recco so that he could deliver his first update of the morning, Craig attempted to offer Yamkees’ fan comfort by telling them it is not time to panic (yet), although I’m not sure he is following his own advice.

Then Jerry began by recapping the night in the Bronx, that culminated with an 11-5 Yankee loss to the Baltimore Orioles. We heard John Sterling’s description of Chris Davis’ 2nd inning grand glam off of losing pitcher Ivan Nova, which drew a reaction from Sterling’s partner in the WCBS 880 Yankees booth, Suzyn Waldman, who sometimes wears her emotions on her sleeve, this being one of those cases.

Nova talked about his tough outing, Nick Swisher isn’t worried at all and Joba Chamberlain is back with the club after a miraculous recovery.

Plus, the Mets comedy of errors out in San Francisco leads to a 4-1 setback, A.J. Burnett tosses a one-hitter for his 13th win of the season and Team U.S.A. ekes one out against Tunisia 110-63…

LISTEN: Jerry Jones Is Talkin’ Tough; Yanks & Mets Both Lose (08/01)

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