Less than a week after Toby Keith had gall bladder surgery he was back on stage. That may seem like a fast turnaround, but it probably doesn’t surprise anyone who has come to know Toby’s music and his steadfast style.

We got to experience the tough nature of the “I Like Girls That Drink Beer” singer firsthand during an exclusive interview backstage at a recent grand opening of Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill in California.

Regarding his recent surgery, Toby told K-FROG‘s Frogmen in the Morning Show that the “pain wasn’t bad” and the “surgery wasn’t anything.” Toby had surgery on a Monday and by Friday night he was “good to go.”

So good, in fact, that he played a concert at Canada’s Big Valley Jamboree in some pretty extreme weather conditions:

While he was on stage, a hailstorm blew in and “wiped the stage out about halfway through the show,” Toby explained. Before they were forced to take an hour break, Toby says he told his band, “’if you guys are here when I kick back, we’ll finish’ – and they were – so we did.”

In die-hard fashion, Toby admits that these type of weather-related circumstances happen four or five times a year. One in particular he recalls is a bike rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. A hard rainstorm blew in, but noting that the audience was a ‘bunch of bikers,’ Toby says, “I’m not leaving until they come drag me off, I’m not gonna be the first to run.”

There happened to be 13 national acts on stage that year, and all others quit, except Keith and his band. Though the rain was pounding them in the face, they performed until the last song.

Then, he laughs “soon as we hit that last note – the rain stopped.”

– Nanci Haskin/99.5 WYCD Detroit

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