A lovely gal by the name of Kristen called in from Long Island this morning and she clearly had an agenda.  Kristen was determined to score herself some ‘sports tickets’ and was prepared to do just about anything in order to do so.

Kristen began her phone call by letting the guys know what a ‘huge, huge fan’ of the show she is and then alerted Craig that the second installment of the ’50 Shades’ trilogy, ’50 Shades Darker,’ brings the ‘sexual energy’ to a ‘whole ‘nother level.’

Needless to say, that comment got Craig’s attention.

He told Kristen that if she videotapes herself  reading the erotic novel and sends him a copy, he would see to it that she’d get some tickets to see her Cowboys take on the Giants at MetLife Stadium on September 5.

Kristen agreed, saying she’d do just about anything on video.  Like I said, she was determined…

LISTEN: Kristen’s Sexual Energy Could Land Her Some ‘Sports Tickets’

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