Craig shares a story that claims the late Gary Carter actually contributed to coining the phrase ‘F-bomb,’ before taking a call from a listener that claimed to have a medical degree and then debunked Craig’s theory that a human being’s ‘primitive brain’ takes over when one is drowning.

In an attempt to sound like he knew what he was talking about, Boomer attempted to read some medical jargon off his computer screen, but fooled no one, especially the show’s ‘button pusher’ — ‘the’ Eddie Scozzare — who insinuated that Boomer didn’t have to attend classes because, well, he is the Booms.

Boomer took issue with Eddie’s assumption, claiming he attended all of his classes because everyone would be aware if he were not around because his name is Boomer and he had white hair (pictured).  Craig then told his radio partner that he resembled an albino – which is fair…

LISTEN: Gary Carter’s ‘F-Bomb’; Craig’s ‘Primitive Brain Theory’ Debunked And Boomer’s Albino Stunt Double (08/15)

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