Amani Toomer called in on the hotline to talk some football with Boomer & Carton and right off the bat, his former teammate Eli Manning’s name came-up.  Toomer addressed his slight of Eli, favoring Tony Romo over the 2-time Super Bowl MVP. Toomer then went on to rank quite a few other signal-callers in-front of the youngest Manning – begging the question, what does Eli Manning have to do to gain some respect in this town???

Toomer talked about Eli’s maturation process and also offered his take on the circus atmosphere surrounding the Jets these days, now that Tim Tebow is in the fold.

All in all things went pretty well, despite a noticeable delay on Toomer’s end – which made things interesting.  Before saying goodbye, Toomer talked about how a wide-receiver makes his bones in the NFL and recalled a story in-which Craig forgot his name…

LISTEN: Amani Toomer Has A Few Things To Say About Eli (08/16)

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