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Mets general manager Sandy Alderson met with season-ticket holders prior to Sunday’s win over the Astros at Citi Field, and said he doesn’t intend or expect David Wright and R.A. Dickey to follow the same path that Jose Reyes did out of town.

During a question-and-answer session on Sunday morning, Alderson stated:

I fully expect that Wright and Dickey will be here not only next year, but long term. We have options on both those players and it’s not our intention to simply rely on those options and go into next season and deal with their free agency after 2013. We’re going to deal with it up front while we still have a little bit of room to maneuver. But we’re committed to trying to bring those two back.

“I hope they’ll both be back, and I’m excited about the possibilities they will be.”

Dickey, like Wright, has said that he’d like to be a part of the Mets’ turnaround and has enjoyed being with the team and playing in New York. And also like Wright, Dickey doesn’t want to discuss a contract extension during next season, signaling this current off-season as the time to get it done.

“I love it here,” Dickey said. “I’ve always voiced that and a part of me enjoys being loyal to an organization that’s given me a shot. I connect well with the fan base, and the media has always been good. I’m comfortable here and that says a lot for me where I am in my career. I do want to win too, because I am at that place in my career and I want to be a part of that solution here, whatever that’s going to be. I’d like to know what direction we are going. I think that’s fair and make decisions accordingly.”

For his part, Wright said after the Mets’ 2-1 win over Houston that something he hasn’t experienced much of the last four seasons will be important.

Does the Mets’ All-Star third baseman need to hear from management what its plan is moving forward, or see what moves the team makes before he enters into substantive financial negotiations?

Wright went on to add that there will be a lot of factors involved, and no — he’s not looking to break the bank.

One of the main contingencies towards extending both players will be what the Mets’ payroll will be for 2013. Up? Down? The same? Here’s Alderson on that key factor:

“I have not talked with anyone about where that payroll is going to be, but I’m hopeful we’ll be in the same range, if not somewhat higher. What I look at is what our needs are and how we fill those needs, and there’s no question that being able to add to the payroll is an important part of being able to address those. So is the willingness to make trades, trade prospects, bring players in from outside, so lots of things to take into account. I wish I could tell you exactly where we’re going to be. You can probably sense where my sentiments would be. It’s something we have to address, various scenarios. We’ll see exactly where we land.”

Hopefully on their feet — with Wright and Dickey in house and on board. Season-ticket holders and other fans will not be settling for less.

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