NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s good to be Andy Grammer right about now.

The singer-songwriter is currently on tour with Train, and has just released a hot new single called “Miss Me.” The artist’s self-titled debut album is on fire, and he’ll perform Monday night in Central Park.

Not too bad for someone who used to be nothing more than a street performer.

“I started performing on the streets, I did it for about three years, and I would pay my rent by going out there and setting up my guitar case,” Grammer said.

Nowadays he’s in the company of rock stars.

“Train is the coolest,” he said of his tourmates. “They have so many hits. Pat Monahan’s been a really good guy to me.”

Grammer said he started playing guitar in high school, and that’s when he fell in love with writing songs.

Now, he has a bit of a bigger audience.

“For me, when I get in front of a crowd and I’m playing something I like and they’re screaming about it, that’s like, the best,” he said.
“That’s my favorite part. it’s the payoff.”

Check out his interview with Carolina, Lisa and John below. He also performed his new song, “Miss Me.”

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