NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The first day of the US Open kicked off Monday with an exciting match between five time champ Roger Federer and American Donald Young.

Young fought off two match points in the third set, but Federer finished him off swiftly to take the match.

Aside from the on-court action, courtside behavior is also in play. Etiquette expert Thomas Farley joined The Couch on Tuesday to shed some light on proper behavior when at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

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Some of the biggest pointers may seem self-explanatory: Turn your cell phone on silent, don’t pester the celebrity sitting next to you, avoid flash photography and don’t bring big signs to the event.

But some rules aren’t so apparent. For example, if you catch a ball that’s been in play, keep it.

“Until 2005, if you caught a ball, you were required to return it,” Farley said. “Now the USTA decided…people want these as souvenirs, let’s let them keep them.”

And unlike most other spectator sports, once play has started, you want to keep quiet. Stay in your seat. If you need a bathroom break, wait until between points.

But what to do if you’re sitting next to an unruly fan – or even just someone who may need a quick refresher on manners?

“If you feel like your experience is being ruined by someone who is sitting next to you, if it seems appropriate, deal with the person directly,” Farley said.

Remember: It’s not a college football game.

“If the person’s drunk, if they look like they might be violent, speak to one of the attendants,” he advised. “They’re very good at keeping things orderly, especially in tennis.”

For more tips and fun facts about the US Open and tennis etiquette, check out the full interview below.

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