Al Dukes is a fine producer. Though sometimes he has been called “lazy” there is no doubt he understands the importance of booking outstanding guests. With the NFL season kicking off tonight, who would be a better person to have on the air than Commissioner Goodell?  Unfortunately, the commish has not been a guest on the program the last 3 years.

Why you may ask? Well Boomer figures it might have something to do with Craig voicing his disdain for an international Super Bowl, as well as the replacement refs.

Normally, when Al books a guest not familiar with the radio program he refers to the show as the Boomer Esiason show. Unfortunately, the commissioner’s office is in NYC and is well aware of who the hosts are.

It’s no secret that Boomer carries a lot of stroke in the NFL community. However, his partner wonders if that is accurate seeing as though he can’t use his clout to get Roger Goodell on the program. Bang!

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