RAMSEY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Tense moments and dramatic calls for help could be heard on 911 calls after two boys were nearly tossed in front of a NJ TRANSIT train on Monday.

One of those calls was from the boys’ mother, who helped tackle the suspect. Not long after the train pulled into the Ramsey Station, stunning emergency calls flooded police.

Here are a few of them:

Caller: “Somebody tried to throw a kid in front on a train.”

Dispatcher: “Tried to throw a kid in front of a train?”

Caller: “I’m at the Ramsey train station. A gentleman attempted to grab two young kids and push them into the path of the train as it pulled into the station.”

Dispatcher: “Alright, did they get hit?”

The two brothers, ages 7 and 9, were almost thrown in front of a train right in front of their mother, who also called authorities.

Caller: “Hi, I’m at the Ramsey train station and there’s a man who just tried to grab my kids as they were, as the train was approaching.”

Police said David Howard put one of the boys in a headlock and tried to grab the other. The boys broke away and that’s when their mom and grandmother stepped in, tackling Howard.

Dispatcher: “Who’s holding him down?”

Caller: “My mom and myself.’

Caller: “My mother and I are with him on the sidewalk. He’s laying down and we’re on top of him.”

Howard was pinned until police arrived. As for the boys, they were not injured.

Police said the 48-year old Howard seemed to be under the influence of something. Among the charges he’s facing are attempted murder and kidnapping.

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