NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Who doesn’t want to raise smart, successful kids?

From baby videos to vitamins, many parents try to go the extra mile to give their children an edge.

But do those tricks work?

Sam Wang, co-author of “Welcome To Your Child’s Brain,” joined The Couch to discuss parenting myths and help us sort through fact and fiction.

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His biggest tip for parents? Relax.

“Society is quite competitive, there are a lot of jobs that require getting an education,” he said. “Kids brains mostly grown themselves. Kids look for the things that they need, and they can grown their own brains.”

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What parents can do is give their children a stimulating environment.

“The thing that really builds up kids’ intelligence is face-to-face interaction,” said Wang. “What brains do often, they do well. If kids have interactions with grown-ups, that’s the thing that builds their brains.”

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