Phil Simms was on the call for yesterday’s Patriots-Titans game in Tennessee, along with Craig’s buddy Jim Nantz (Pats won, 34-13) and he woke early this morning to call in on the hotline to offer his take on what transpired on the first football Sunday of the new NFL season.

After a glowing introduction courtesy of Craig, Simms took a couple of shots at Boomer before addressing the Jets 48-28 win over the Bills, letting us know how impressed he was with the aforementioned Patriots, then moving on to the return of Peyton Manning and of course finishing things off by poking fun at Boomer’s blonde locks. (Can you say glass houses?)

Anyway, before saying goodbye, Craig told Mr. Phil Simms that he needs to call his son Lucky on the phone to apologize for overusing the term ‘elite’ when talking about Eli Manning in the brand new video game, ‘Madden 13’ – where Simms and Nantz can be heard calling all of the game action…

LISTEN: Phil Simms Shares His Thoughts On Week 1 Of The NFL Season (09/10)

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