Craig’s “relationship” with Mark Sanchez has been well documented on the Boomer and Carton radio program. Craig described it this morning as a little bro big bro sorta thing. So like most big brothers, Craig feels he has to look out for the Sanchize’s best interest.

Being the Jet’s QB has its perks. Combine that with good looks, and your cooking with gasoline. According to Craig, Mark could get any girl in the tri-state area. And who would debate that? So why settle for one woman? Even if she is smoking hot Eva Longoria.

Craig does not want his QB to be distracted. Now that does not mean he can’t have the occasional hookup, but a relationship is out of the question. It will take up too much of the young QB’s time and that’s absolutely unacceptable during the football season.

After much debate, Carton thinks Sanchez should take a page out of Tim Tebow’s playbook. No women during the season! Period! Come get some!

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