We all know that John Rich and Big Kenny of Big & Rich love country music, are partial to Crown Royal, and maybe are (not-so-) secret Star Wars fans. But were you also aware that they profess to know a thing or two about football?

This week, John and Kenny have laid out their picks for NFL Week Two. In four of the match ups they agree; however, for the rest of the games, these two Hillbilly Jedi (there is never an “s” on Jedi, no matter how many you’re talking about) are going to need to pull out their light sabers and battle it out.

After spending their weekend watching football, Kenny and John have a big week ahead of them, as their new album (Hillbilly Jedi) hits stores on Tuesday, Sept. 18. Preorder it now, and watch the video for their lead single, “That’s Why I Pray,” below.

– Kurt Wolff, CBS Local

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