NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Some passengers will be able to leave their shoes and belts on when going through security at Newark Airport.

The Transportation Security Administration has launched its pre-check screening program that allows travelers to quickly pass through a dedicated security lane.

Newark’s PreCheck lane is in Terminal C. It is at checkpoint 3C, which services United Airlines.

Selected frequent fliers on American, Delta and United Airlines and US Airways are eligible for the program at Newark. Travelers must apply for the program. All applicants must be U.S. citizens and traveling domestically.

The program stores a traveler’s security information in a bar code printed on a boarding pass. A passenger will be directed to the PreCheck lane after a security officer scans the boarding pass.

Passengers who are approved for the program may be able to leave their shoes on or keep a laptop in a case while passing through the special PreCheck security lane.

Airport officials said the program allows agents to focus security efforts on passengers who are not known to the federal agency.

“TSA Pre-Check is an important part of the Transportation Security Administration’s emphasis on risk based security,” Don Drummer, federal security director for Newark-Liberty International Airport, said in a statement. “Expedited processing of prescreened travelers empowers our offices to focus our resources on passengers we know less about.”

The service is offered at 25 other airports.

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