Take it from the pros, to get the most out of tailgating at a Giants game, you’ve got to know the ins and outs of MetLife Stadium’s parking lots. Stadium regulations are designed to support the fan experience and keep people safe. Once you’ve got the rules down, you can concentrate on partying and rooting for your team.

With the upcoming Thursday-night game, fans will come out in the masses to cheer on the blue and red. Enjoy some afternoon tailgating before the big game but do it correctly. Tailgating can easily go awry if rules aren’t followed. Make the entire experience from the pre-game to post-game activities fun and easy. This parking guide will help you out when making the trip to MetLife.

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Getting a good spot is half the battle for a good tailgating experience. (Credit: Christine Wans)

Parking Permits

There are no cash lots at MetLife Stadium. Pre-paid parking permits are required for all types of vehicles entering from the Meadowlands Sports Complex and IZOD Center sides of the stadium. Permits can be purchased at the NFL Ticket Exchange website. Parking permits are either GA (General Admission) or VIP. GA permits are good for all Blue parking lots and VIP permits are good for all Red parking lots, which are indicated as E, F and G. While permits are numbered, these numbers do not indicate placement nor do they guarantee a specific spot. Vehicles in Red-lot spots experience quicker exiting time after the game than those in the Blue-lot spots.

Parking Lot Guidelines:

  • Parking lots open five hours before the game and close two hours after the game.
  • Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis in all designated parking areas.
  • One permit equals one parking space and each vehicle is allowed to occupy one parking stall only.
  • Tailgating items should be set up in front and in back of the vehicle, not along the sides.
  • Blocking of the drive lane is prohibited.
  • Parking spaces cannot be saved. Individuals who wish to park together should arrive together.
  • RVs and large vehicles are not permitted to park in the IZOD Center parking decks.
  • Trucks, trailers and over-sized vehicles of any kind (except buses) can park along the curbs in the lots and are not permitted to park in the enclosed, structured parking deck on the Sports Complex’s East side.
  • Vehicles and bags are subject to visual search by MetLife Stadium employees.
  • There is no bicycle parking at the Stadium.
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities) parking spaces are available. The owner of the vehicle must be in attendance, have a pre-paid parking permit and a valid ADA license plate or hang tag.
  • Those who violate parking-lot guidelines may have their vehicle towed or be asked to vacate the premises.

For more information on MetLife Stadium guidelines, click here.

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