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By Nina Pajak

Everyone knows that New York is a city where trends are made, broken, reinvented, and broadcast to the rest of the country—and the world.

People flock to our Fashion Week. Some of the greatest designers and musicians , chefs and artists claim roots or set up shop here.

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So it’s never a surprise when something that begins in our city is popularized somewhere entirely far-flung. Although, occasionally some concepts get lost in translation.

I present to you (via National Geographic): Bagel Head.

bagel heads Nina In New York: Move Over, Botox. We Present: Bagel Heads.

(credit: Beyond Productions)

A growing trend over the last few years among a certain set in Japan (read: the sort who like to do crazy junk to their bodies), it’s finally being exposed to an American audience via National Geographic’s television show, Taboo. The look is achieved by having a big glob of saline injected into one’s forehead, and then having the injector depress his or her thumb into the center of the bulbosity. Ta da! Bagel. In your head. IN YOUR FACE!

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The look lasts less than a day, but a television cameo is forever. And promotional photos on the internet last even longer.

Excuse me. I’m feeling a little queasy. Which is funny, because normally typing the word “bagel” this many times would make me want some lox and cream cheese stat.

bagel heads 1 Nina In New York: Move Over, Botox. We Present: Bagel Heads.

(credit: Beyond Productions)

Of course, as quickly as these things come, they must make room for the next weird craze. Only so many people can inject bagels into their faces before it becomes totally lame and mainstream. I look forward to seeing what follows, and have my money on either “rugelach head” or “knish head.”

No word yet on whether the Japanese body modifiers favor a certain variety of subcutaneous Jewish baked goods, but I guarantee you they’re all about the blueberry or asiago or wasabi or some crap.

Anytime you leave New York and people think they know what a bagel is, they invariably claim their favorite flavor to be “jalepeno” or “chocolate chip.” That’s not a bagel! It’s like a muffin or a roll or just something totally made up and worthless. Stop it. Just stop it.

Taboo airs Sundays at 10 PM ET/PT on National Geographic Channel.

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