NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A change in stops on one of the city’s most popular bus routes has made some residents unhappy.

For years passengers have waited for the M-60 bus that runs from Manhattan to LaGuardia Airport at 106th Street and Broadway, often bearing witness to it double parking and making excessive amounts of noise.

Residents of the Upper West Side neighborhood told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis on Monday that they have had enough.

“I live right across the street and the noise is ridiculous,” Tamara Romero said.

Cars are often forced to squeeze by as passengers struggle with luggage while the accordion buses hog large parts of the crowded street.

Romero said the buses create a traffic nightmare.

“The double parking for traffic trying to get through, it’s just chaotic,” she said.

To solve the problem the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has decided to move the bus stop two blocks away to the corner of 108th and Broadway, but some residents said that they will just be transferring the problem.

“It is very convenient for me, but I can see where others may not want the bus stop to be here,” Amaruol Muniz said.

The new stop will go into effect on a trial basis by the end of 2012. The MTA said that it will extend an already existing stop, but neighbors called it musical chairs.

“I mean everybody can’t win. If you want the service then its gotta be placed somewhere, and nobody’s gonna say here’s a good place,” Terry Montos said.

Where do you think the stop should be placed? You may leave your thoughts in our comments section below…

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