Blind auditions came to an end last night and had Adam, Blake, CeeLo and Christina fighting for the last two spots on their teams.

The country crooners and younger contestants won the night and we saw Adam singing “Hallelujah” when Xtina actually sided with him for once. Shocker!

Contestant: Nathalie Hernandez

Sings:Taylor Swift “White Horse”

This 15-year-old from Florida gave up a lot to win her spot on The Voice. She missed her prom and brother’s graduation for a chance to audition and her standout performance of Taylor Swift’s “White Horse” proved she made the right decision. Dressed in a short flowered dress her soulful voice did all the convincing. The moment she opened her mouth both Christina and Blake hit the buzzer. Meanwhile, Blake was all smiles the rest of her performance. With praises from all four of the judges, she had a hard decision to make. “I’m not really country, I’m more contemporary. I think I connected with Christina,” Nathalie told a heartbroken Blake.

Joins Team: Christina

Contestant: Rod Michael

Sings: Mike Posner “Please Don’t Go”

This former boy band member had it going on. He made all the ladies in the audience scream but that didn’t convince anyone to turn in their chair. Clad in jeans, a leather jacket, and white t-shirt, Rod had all the moves but his voice just didn’t add up. Despite his soulful vocals CeeLo said his song selection wasn’t his “moment to take charge.” Adam had more witty things to say. “Clearly the audience was all hot and bothered. It was like 50 Shades of Grey in here,” he remarked.

Joins Team: Rejected

Contestant: Caitlin Michele

Sings: Florence and the Machine “Cosmic Love”

This is the first of the many tearjerkers of the night. Suffering from extreme panic disorder, Caitlin said music is the only thing that saves her. With almost opera like vocals her performance stunned. As she belted the chorus Blake quickly turned around. Impressed by her powerhouse singing he and Adam fight to add Caitlin to their team. “Why don’t you cool your spurs, cowboy,” Adam says to Blake before critiquing the performance. Despite slight pitch problems he said her performance “was epic.” This is where the first time in a long time Xtina shows Adam some love. “If you want to be with a risk taker and with someone who understands Florence and the Machine go to Adam.”

Joins Team: Adam

Contestant: Nicole Johnson

Sings: Kelly Clarkson “Mr. Know-It-All”

This 18-year-old moved to Nashville after she convinced her parents to make 40 trips to Music City to jumpstart her career. Taking the stage in a yellow sundress and cowboy boots ala Taylor Swift she wowed all the judges singing a countrified version of Kelly Clarkson’s “Mr. Know-It-All.” Her distinct country twang had the crowd clapping along as CeeLo praised, “You sounded like one of the best.”

Joins Team: Blake

Contestant: Kameron Cornvet

Sings: Seal “Crazy”

This middle school French teacher was determined to give his audition all he’s got. “It’s not even do or die, it’s all do. There’s no other option,” he said. Taking the stage with an acoustic guitar his soulful take on Seal’s track wasn’t enough for the judges. Though his merge of R&B and jazz impressed his voice was too inconsistent and his nerves showed with his shaky singing style.

Joins Team: Rejected

Contestant: Chevonne

Sings: The Pretenders “Brass In Pocket”

This Jersey girl is a backup singer for Lady Gaga. “Being on tour with Lady Gaga persuaded me to pursue my own artistry,” she said. “I want to be fearless like her. I think a background singer has it in her to be her own star. I think I’m finally ready to take it on myself.” With immense similarities to Mother Monster herself, dressed in ripped fishnets, jean shorts, white tank, jean vest, chains and platform heels, her screamed vocals took the mentors a while to turn in their seat. “I could not let that go. There was something painful in your voice,” CeeLo admits. Cue sob story No. 2.

“Growing up I had eating issues…I’ve grown up and made progress and I want to tell the story now that I’ve lived it,” she said, prompting Ceelo to take her side. “I could relate to you because I’ve written on many occasions from a painful place.”

Joins Team: CeeLo

Contestant: Kayla Nevarez

Sings: Estele “American Boy”

Perhaps the saddest story of the night, 17-year-old Kayla explained how her biggest fan, her dad, couldn’t be there to watch because he was diagnosed with liver cancer. “I get through it all by singing music,” she said. Forced to move out of their house and into a two bedroom apartment with seven of her family members, Kayla’s is the definition of a struggling artist. “I want to win The Voice and help provide for my family,” she said. With her jaw-dropping performance, she might just do this. Her powerhouse vocals and smooth, spot-on cover of Estelle’s “American Boy” convinced Xtina, CeeLo and Adam to immediately hit the buzzer and fight for her. Despite her age, she sounded very seasoned and admits to listening to Christina growing up.

Joins Team: Adam

Contestant: Celica Westbrook

Sings: Christina Perri “A Thousand Years”

This third generation singer was almost signed at 14-years-old and was told big things were ahead of her, like a tour with Justin Bieber. It was evident from her performance that her future still looks bright as Xtina, CeeLo and Blake all wanted her as the last spot on their team. Her convincing performance of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” proves this girl has a shot of going all the way on The Voice. The Franklin, Tennessee native received rave comments from Xtina. “You need to be on radio like now. Honestly, I’m all about supporting the artist in you,” she said. Despite her familiarity with all the Tennessee hot spots Blake mentioned, it was Xtina that convinced this singer to pick her team.

Joins Team: Xtina

Contestant: Jessica Cayne

Sings: Carrie Underwood “Good Girl”

Having struggled with being bullied her whole life, this Georgia native said she always dreamed to see a little girl who was like her on the stage. She decided to leap past all her hurdles in life and be a fighter and take the stage. Dressed in a pink sundress and heels the blonde Southern bell belted the lyrics to Carrie’s song with passion, but that didn’t convince anyone to turn their chair. The most supportive family of the night, her mom was seen backstage jumping up and down exclaiming, “Turn around please!”

Despite not being selected, she received an overwhelmingly amount of support from the judges and that’s all she needed to hear. “If you came up here and had fun, that’s the most important thing. You have a great voice. Everyone got to see what a talent you are,” Xtina said. CeeLo agreed, “You did connect with people.”

The most gracious contestant of the night, you wouldn’t know she didn’t earn a spot on anyone’s team. “This is the coolest thing in the whole wide world. What a gift. I’m never going to forget this in my whole entire life,” she said after receiving a hug from Xtina and compliments from all four judges.

Contestant: Rudy Parris

Sings: The Police “Every Breath You Take”

This 46-year-old former rock star put his dream on hold to raise his daughter. “She’s everything to me. I always keep a watchful eye,” he said. His 22-year-old is now a mother herself and since his work is done now it’s time to get back to music. Walking onstage with an acoustic guitar and dressed in black from head to toe, Rudy’s whispered and steadied voice had Blake and CeeLo entranced. Turns out this former rock star has toured with Hank Williams III and almost moved to Nashville, urging Blake to ask, “Do you know what Hank Williams III’s name really is?” Coincidently (or not) it’s Shelton. “You damn sure don’t look country, but country’s still in there. I don’t know what you’re gonna do other than that to pick me as your host,” he adds.

Joins Team: Blake

Contestant: Cody Belew

Sings: “Hart to Handle”

This Arkansas native grew up on a farm, and has roots in the rodeo. Growing up on country music, he has a passion for soul music. “I really, truly [think] in a past life I was an elderly black lady,” he says. Don’t let his looks fool you. The moment he takes the stage (in blue jeans, boots and a striped dress shirt) he owns the crowd. “I have prepared for this moment my entire life…this is the moment it all comes together,” he said. And that it did. His soulful, guttural vocals combined with his energy onstage exuded stardom. He finished his song and CeeLo tapped the buzzer at the last second without Cody even realizing.

“Did you hit it? Oh my God!” he exclaims, cursing before he ran off stage to hugs him. “That’s the best reaction we’ve had ever,” Adam said. “You curse more than I do!” After taking the moment in Cody expresses his relief. “Ya’ll I thought that was it. I just wanted to do good enough.” When asked who he’s inspired by he said he likes to move his hips during his performances. “That’s my favorite thing to do, entertain the crowd with a little bam bam.”

Joins Team: CeeLo

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local

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