Artie Lange stopped by the Allstate Studio shortly after 9 a.m. Thursday morning to chat with Boomer & Craig for a bit and share a few laughs.

Artie’s story is one worth hearing and he is certainly not shy about it — which makes for a great interview.  That, combined with his 8-plus-year stint on the Howard Stern radio show, immediately put this in the ‘radio gold’ category.

Artie was sure to let Boomer know that he is a Super Bowl champion in his book, based on the 4.5 point spread of Super Bowl XXIII.  Speaking of which, Mr. Lange used to have a gambling problem to go along with a heroin addiction. Both were discussed and, at this point, are under control.

The guys got his thoughts on the Yanks and Giants, oversleeping for 8 p.m. shows, what it was like to win a Suzyn Waldman lookalike contest and how close he actually came to dying.

LISTEN: Artie Lange Stops By For A Few Laughs (10/04)

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