Virginia Rubino's '67 Caddy Shown The Curb For Reasons Family Disputes

NEW YORK (CBS 2) – In New York City, almost as coveted as a parking spot on the street is one in your building’s garage. In Manhattan, a 93-year-old woman has lost her parking place and her son is fighting to get it back.

Virginia Rubino was born in 1919, and still owns an old ’67 Cadillac. Yet, she said her co-op board took away her parking spot.

“There’s something fishy in this whole situation,” Rubino told CBS 2’s John Slattery on Friday.

She lives on Grand Street, in the Seward Park Co-ops, and in the complex she used to have parking spot “1,” now occupied by another car.

Her youngest son is a retired NYPD officer.

“She feels the car should be parked in the same spot it’s been parked for the last 31 years, since 1981,” Richard Rubino said.

Richard Rubino said last year he took the car out to appear in a movie shoot. Then a month later, took the car out for repairs, and attempted to bring it back six months later.

“When we were finished with the repairs and we tried to get it back into the garage, they told us that we no longer had space,” Richard Rubino said.

He said he was told he’d abandoned the spot and that he hadn’t paid for it despite his claim that the garage fee was supposed to be deducted from his account, like the rent. Further, he said he was told that the car’s registration was expired, which he said wasn’t the case and still isn’t.

His mother had knee replacement and hip surgery and said she needs the convenience of the spot for going to the doctor.

“It is the position of the corporation that it acted properly in connection with the parking space in question based on the facts available to it,”  co-op attorney Arthur Weinstein said.

So, now it’s between lawyers as to where Virginia Rubino’s classic ride will end up being parked.

The parking fee the Rubinos used to pay was about $120 per month.  Now, parking it elsewhere, they’re paying $550 per month.

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