After voicing his displeasure with the NFL for continuing to allow games to played in Europe — this on the heels of Jerry Recco reporting that the 49ers and Jaguars will play a game in London next season — Craig became a little distracted by something he called ‘huge tracts of land.’

For those of you that are unaware what exactly ‘huge tracts of land’ are, I’ve provided a picture of the lovely and well-endowed, Kelly Brook – who provides us with a wonderful example.  If ya’ still don’t know, well then you better ask somebody.

The root of Craig’s ‘distraction’ led him to share a story of walking through the bra section of a department store with his two young boys, filling us in on all that transpired during the life changing experience…

LISTEN: NFL Games In Europe & Craig Understandably Gets Distracted By Some ‘Huge Tracts Of Land’ (10/11)

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