Here’s some more from the report that, upon being removed from Game 1 of the ALCS in favor of Eric Chavez, Alex Rodriguez quickly shifted his focused to a couple of members of the opposite sex, with the hopes of getting to know them a little better — if ya’ catch my drift…

Considering the game was still going on, one would like to think Rodriguez’s focus wold be elsewhere, like on the action taking place on the field.  One such fan who adopted that line of thinking goes by the name of Gino.

Gino gave the guys a call this morning and he was not too happy with A-Rod’s alleged actions.  Gino posed the burning question: do the players care as much as the fans?

Boomer & Craig mulled over Gino’s inquiry — and I don’t think their conclusion will be pleasing to many…

LISTEN: Gino Is Ticked, Doesn’t Think Players Care Very Much (10/16)

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