Boomer and Craig got an interesting call on Friday from a fella by the name of Butch, who dialed the guys up from Brooklyn and claimed to be some sort of baseball historian.

Butch had plans to put Robinson Cano’s struggles into perspective by putting to use his wealth of baseball knowledge. And boy did he ever, as he rambled on for over 10 minutes, matter-of-factly recalling baseball facts that almost made the Dynamic Duo’s heads spin.

Apparently Butch’s knowledge was not limited to just baseball, as he mentioned his affinity for roller derby and also advocated for Boomer to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame — so he obviously knows the gridiron as well.

Craig wrapped things up with Butch by giving him a pop-quiz — which he passed with flying colors — and then invited him in for a visit to the Allstate Studio.

Before saying goodbye, Craig tagged Butch as the new ‘go-to guy’ when it comes to baseball on the Morning Extravaganza and then he warned Evan Roberts (who hosts the midday show here on the FAN along with Joe Benigno) to reevaluate his lifestyle, unless he wants to wind up like Butchy…

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