NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Frozen yogurt shops are popping up all over the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, and some residents of the community have had enough, according to published reports.

In the past several months, numerous shops have opened, including a Yogurberry at 77 5th Ave., a Pinkberry at 161 7th Ave., and Froyo on the Park, next door to the Pavilion movie theatre on Prospect Park West, reported. The most recent addition was the Pearl Gate frozen yogurt shop, at 482 5th Ave., the publication reported.

Park Slope is also home to Culture frozen yogurt, 331 5th Ave.; Tasti D-Lite, 339 7th Ave.; and Yogo Monster, 90 7th Ave.

And another frozen yogurt establishment is also planned. Yogurtland is set to open at 207 7th Ave., in the space recently vacated by Sette Eonteca e Cucina, according to the blog Here’s Park Slope. The blog displayed a photo of a “coming soon” banner mounted by Yogurtland.

Some neighbors are not pleased that yet another frozen yogurt establishment has opened.

“Ugh, more frozen yogurt?!?” one commenter on Here’s Park Slope wrote. “If it has to be another frozen dairy product, I wish Ample Hills Creamery were opening another branch at this location instead! That place is fantastic, and how much frozen yogurt can one neighborhood really take? With the closest decent ice cream place up on Lincoln and 5th, at least it would be somewhat novel.”

“How many frozen yogurt places can Park Slopers handle? What’s this place becoming? Land of designer pizzas and fro-yos? I should seriously consider moving to Carroll Gardens or Clinton Hill…” wrote another commenter.

Another simply wrote, “oh lord no.”

And DNAInfo reports frozen yogurt detractors have even made their feelings known on the banner now mounted in front of the empty storefront. “WTF? Another one?” someone reportedly scrawled on the sign.

Frozen yogurt took off in the 1980s as a low-calorie alternative to ice cream, and chains such as TCBY proliferated across the country. In more recent years, frozen yogurt has returned as a trendy product; what one Park Slope resident quoted in the DNAInfo report to “cupcakes and macaroons.”

Meanwhile, Here’s Park Slope reports the Yogo Monster location in Park Slope is set to close this month.

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