Al Dukes is still without electricity in his home and by all accounts is absolutely miserable.  Lucky for us though, Al decided to pass the time in his cold, dimly lit bachelor pad in ‘The Ridge’ by putting pen to paper and writing a brand new parody song for this Sunday’s Steelers-Giants game at MetLife Stadium.

Al chose to use Jimmy Buffett’s 1978 hit, ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise,’ and came up with the clever title, ‘Roethlisberger at MetLife’.  I think you see where this one is going.

During the 7 o’clock hour, despite his foul mood, Al gave the people what they wanted.  He entered the Allstate Studio, performed his latest musical creation – during which you couldn’t help but smile – and in the process, offered a welcome distraction, all while motivating Big Blue and their passionate fan base.

Mission accomplished Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes…

LISTEN: Al Dukes Performs ‘Roetlisberger at MetLife’ (11/02)

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