When talking about the countless acts of charity which have emerged in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Craig recalled a classic line from late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner: If I help someone and more than two people know, then I did it for the wrong reason.

Pretty powerful stuff from The Boss.  Craig also shared a story told to him and Boomer by Mickey Rivers, which involved Steinbrenner, $10,000 cash and what could have been a  rather costly feet-first slide into second base.

After telling both anecdotes on the air, the guys got a couple of calls on the hotline from former Yankees PR man Rick Cerrone (not to be confused with the former Yankees catcher Rick Cerone) – who signed off on Steinbrenner’s take on charity, having heard the line countless times himself – and Mickey Rivers, who confirmed the story about sliding into second base with 10 grand cash in his back pocket.

Only on the Morning Extravaganza folks…

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