Craig is far from a Jets apologist, but at times let’s just say that his ‘fandom’ can perhaps alter his way of thinking.  Boomer on the other hand, although he is a former Jet, couldn’t be more objective when it comes to analyzing Gang Green — or any NFL team for that matter.

With that said, the Dynamic Radio Duo got things started today talking about the ongoing saga that takes place daily over there at Florham Park, as Craig’s patience with Rex and the Gang has reached an apparent apex.  After hearing Rexy boldly state that he still believes in Mark Sanchez, Craig declared that ‘Rex is not longer the captain of a ship that I believe in’ and is now officially ‘part of the problem.’

And round and round we go.  Boomer did mention how much he admires Rex’s loyalty, describing the Jets’ head coach as ‘being loyal to a fault.’

The Blonde Bomber also couldn’t help but recall a similar situation which took place here in New York back in 2007, when it was Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning who were under the microscope.

Speaking of Eli, the guys were able to come up with one word to describe the decorated signal-caller – accountable – this after the Giants quarterback dismissed any notion that a sore arm is to blame for his recent struggles.

And there you have it…

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