NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The odd-even gas rationing in the five boroughs will continue at least through Thanksgiving, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Sunday.

The gas rationing system went into effect on Nov. 9 during a gas shortage in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy.

The mayor announced late last week that he would review the efficacy of the rationing and said it may remain into effect for several more days.

“It certainly hasn’t hurt and there’s some people that say, ‘You know, Thanksgiving is coming up, a lot of people drive and fill up their cars maybe we should have it go another week,'” Bloomberg said on his weekly radio program Friday. “I’m going to think about that today.”

Gas rationing first went into effect in New Jersey but has since ended. Long Island implemented the odd-even system at the same time as New York City, but recently ended the rationing.

New York City’s rationing will stay in effect at least through Friday. It limits motorists to filling up only on odd or even days, based on the last digit of their license plate.

The storm knocked out power to many gas stations and fuel was slow to reach the Tri-State Area in the immediate aftermath of the storm. About 70 percent of gas stations are now open in New York City.

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