NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Brooklyn woman who kept noticing the lonely people in the subways decided she would help them do something about it – and start an innovative business for the purpose.

Erika Christensen, 31, is known as the Love Conductor, riding the subway system with a mission of matching up riders that might otherwise elude each other.

“I kind of noticed myself watching people all the time, and seeing people check each other out, and kind of making matches in my mind – you know, ‘Those people match, those people match.’” Christensen told 1010 WINS. “And so I thought a great way to sort of reach them would be to start this business.”

Christensen has set up a Web site for her services in conjunction with the dating site Tawkify, through which she charges between $39 and $456 per month for matching, date planning and coaching, the New York Post reported. She also approaches people directly on the subway.

“My returns are pretty good. People are usually pretty happy to talk to me, and once they get my card – which I flip to them right away – which says on one side, ‘You’ve been spotted,’ and on the other side, my logo and the Web site, and then they come and check it out, and sign up for my services,” she said.

Her Web site includes a Craigslist-style “missed connections” section, as well as an assortment of advice on “finding love underground.” She advises people to approach others and strike up conversations, whether the motivation is a delay that leaves people stuck on a train, or a bizarre sight.

“By all means, if you see an opening, take it! Perhaps you notice the Beyonce look-alike next to you reading ‘Life of Pi’ which you just finished and loved. Well why not tell her so? At the very least she knows you’re well read and have something in common,” Christensen advises on the site. “Or yikes-is that scruffy looking fellow who perhaps had a little too much happy during happy hour… peeing on the subway?? Why yes. Yes, he is. Aha! What a great excuse to share I-once-saw-the-craziest-thing-ever-on-the-subway stories with the lovely redhead to your left!”

Those who hire Christensen for her services have an assortment of options available.

“I’m promising you a date or two a month. As we go higher with the matchmaking exchange, I add wingwoman service or I’ll ride the trains with you and make introductions. I do coaching. I do feedback,” she said. “It sort of just depends what the single wants out of the relationship as well.”

The dates Christensen set up could be anything from a subway ride to a meetup at the Campbell Apartment bar in Grand Central station, the New York Post reported.

Have you ever looked for your match in the subway? Leave your comments below…

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