Having just talked with his old teammate Vinny Testaverde, when Curtis Martin called in, Craig was sure to bring up Martin’s lackluster performance in the 1998 AFC Championship and his costly fumble in Week 1 of 1999 – which Testaverde surely remembers.

Believe it or not, after a start like that, the interview went surprisingly well.  Martin talked about becoming a Hall of Famer this year and how the honor really made his appreciate the game of football, which was something he had to learn to be passionate about and that was just fine with him.

Martin’s true passion is ‘impacting others in a positive way’ and he viewed the sport of football as a means to an end.  Martin went on to say that his life is where he wants it to be and for that, he has football to thank.

We heard all about Martin’s special relationship with Bill Parcells and he even weighed in on Tim Tebow’s worth to the Jets and offered a take that might surprise you.  Before saying goodbye, Martin matter of factly said that he has no regrets with regards to his football career, adding ‘a lot of people celebrated when they got in the NFL, I celebrated when I got out.’ – And that’s one to grow on…

LISTEN: Curtis Martin Talks About Learning To Appreciate Football (11/20)

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