Just before 9 a.m. this morning, Craig couldn’t help but become distracted by his radio partner’s obsession with his morning tea, as the Booms continued to fiddle with his teabag long after it’s usefulness had expired.

An observant listener by the name of Ozzie also took notice of “Boughie” Boomer’s fiddling and his “stickler for the rules” mentality, so he dialed up the show with thoughts of adding to the laughter by combing the two — which he did.

As for Boomer, despite Ozzie’s material, he was far from ashamed of it. He did not apologe  for his actions with the teabag or his “without rules we’ll have chaos” theory.  Let’s just say that Ozzie better watch himself (and be sure to call back soon)…

LISTEN: Boughie Boomer And His Love For The Teabag (11/29)

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